Wednesday, November 18, 2009

air mail

my latest and greatest want is this adorable clutch from none other then modcloth.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

wishing for rain

Trent Parke has been my favorite photographer since high school. His images make me reminiscent and nostalgic in a way I can't seem to explain.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

daisy days

Peter Alexander are known for bringing the pretty and bring it they have this season. I'm in lust with this lovely floral jumpsuit. I think I'd look rubbish in it but I love it none the less...What do you think?


I don't know if it's just the non existent dancer inside me but lately I've been loving these adorable ballet flats from

They make me want to pirouette like nothing else. So pretty.x

time well spent

Sometime last year I brought I book with a gloriously inviting cover. A book that promised adventure.

Sometime this year I actually read it. The book is entitled, C'est La Folie and it is more then I expected.

Michael Wright was a London based theater critic. He spent his weekends flying his vintage plane and playing tennis in between bouts of talking to his cat but something wasn't right. He wasn't where he was meant to be.

So in what might be described as a whim, off he went. To rural France.

C'est La Folie follows the events that took place in Michaels first few years in his new existence and I have rarely been more captivated.

Michael's attempts to integrate himself with not only rural life but rural life in a foreign country are charming. His often problem fraught renovations to his rustic farmhouse and his acquisition of various farm animals make for both heart-wrenching and laugh out loud moments.

C'est La Folie is joyous and personable in a way that makes me happy to be alive.

The next volume of Michael's journey is due out July 2010. Can't wait!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

sick and twisted

I've been on a bit of a makeup kick of late. Doing a lot of looking around and seeing what become available since last I looked and one thing that I have to say I'm actually quite appalled with these lip glosses...

They're from purple lab and they're lip plumpers which I don't overly agree with in the first place. If for some reason you don't know what lip plumpers are then they pretty much do what they say. The have active ingredients which give your lips that bee stung look. Which I guess is good for those of us out there with incredibly thin lips but for the most part it seems unnatural and maybe just a little bit damaging to me.

But the thing that I'm really disgusted with about these lip products is they have included an appetite suppressant right in the gloss. Honestly what the hell do they think they're playing at? I completely disagree with weight loss fads and gimmicks. If you want to loose weight eat less fried foods and go for a god damn walk.

This product is wrong in my opinion but I'd be happy to listen to other peoples perspectives.

the original princess

So I'm two days late but I thought we'd better mark Grace Kelly's 80th birthday! The woman who embodies class and elegance on the silver screen turned the big eight zero on the 12th of November 1929 so I thought what better way to celebrate than with a little bio a few photos and some you tubing :D

Born into a VERY wealthy family in Philadelphia, Kelly began life as a socialite and quickly moved onto modeling as a teenager before being discovered as an acting talent and at 22 and was cast in a small part in the movie 'Fourteen Hours' but it was her role in Alfred Hitchcock's 'Dial M for Murder that really caught peoples attention and put her on the path to one of the most prominent legends of the silver screen.

Although I love her work with Cary Grant I have to say my favorite movie of Grace Kelly's is her last one, High Society with Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra *sigh* I LOVE that movie! Anyway after this she became engaged to and later married Prince Rainier of Monaco, collecting the title for herself of her serene highness Princess of Monaco or as she was commonly know, Princess Grace. Its a tragedy that Grace Kelly's life was cut short after a car accident at the age of 51 but her poise, beauty and grace live on in her films which I would highly recommend! So i'm off now to watch 'High Society' and wish Princess Grace a very Happy 80th Birthday...belated :D

whats the use of crying?

Though your heart is aching..even though its breaking" I love this, so beautifully tragic, for me it always feels like the performer is talking to themselves not just a friend. As if they're trying to convince themselves of something that they maybe don't quite believe, (except the Michael Buble version which I suggest you steer clear form). I mean if I was going to try and cheer someone else up this wouldn't be the song i'd play, i'd probably go for something like Mental as Anythings 'Live it up' lol.

Smile is one of my favorite songs, I was downloading different versions this morning, all wonderful and I came across this one of the incomparable Judy Garland and it was the only version that actually made me cry and in so became my favorite version of this...lovely but oh so beautifully tragic masterpiece.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

oh you're so naive

clap your hands if you believe in faeries!

Monday, November 9, 2009

the best of the best

Cary Grant was the original leading man. His charisma, charm, good looks and unquenchable talent made him unique. Not only that but lovable and idealistic.

He's a man's man and a ladies man in equal measure. He was a scene stealer if ever there was one. He is the embodiment of the silver screen.

Don't get me wrong he went on to make many a colour film but it's the classic black and white films that make me love him. In fact I think I've only seen two of his films in colour and while his acting is still remarkable they don't really do much for his appearance. I was going to try and be tactful but I don't really think I can.

In black and white, Cary Grant is debonair. He is gut churningly handsome but in colour... well, he looks a little like an old handbag. Thats right, he looks leather. It's really not too desirable but also having said that one of his greatest (and most heartbreaking) films is in colour. An Affair to Remember. I've only seen it the once but it nearly killed me.

My dearest friend and I rented it one day last year for the sole reason that we hadn't seen it. All up I'd say we cried for a good hour and a half. Such a draining film. I told myself (and others) that I'd never watch it again but these days I'm not so sure. It had to have been good to inspired such a dramatic response.

The main reason I'm writing this blog though is to recommend two particular films, both of which co-star the lovely Katherine Hepburn. The first is called Holiday and the second is The Philadelphia Story. Both are glorious.

The latter was based on a hit Broadway play at the time and was then later adapted into a much loved musical of mine starring, Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly, entitled High Society. Deliciously enchanting is the only way I can think to describe such films. Everyone should get the chance to see them. They are magic and should be loved.

only in neverland

Chances are I'll never quite make enough money to be able to afford designer items but if I could then this outfit would be at the top of my list.

The coat is Burberry. The dress is Stella McCartney. The bag is Marc Jacobs. All of it is gorgeous.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

a pocket full of posies

Lately I've been drooling over some of the AMAZING rings on

Some of these pieces are just so unique and fabulous. If some one lovely was willing to fund a ring spurge for me then these are the ones I'd get.

and he huffed and he puffed

This is my ideal outfit for today. What I'd love to be wearing and would fit my mood. Alas, I own none of these pieces. Maybe next time huh?

darn technology!

This blog has nothing to do with anything besides my confusion.

I sent a picture of a cute puppy to my boyfriend. He received the picture but it didn't say it came from my phone. He assumed it was me anyway and replied, then called me making sure I sent it and asking whose phone I used. Confused I said that I used my own. While we were talking he got a text from the same number he replied to asking who he was and why he was talking about sleepy puppies...

So strange... Damn phones! How do these things happen!!??

colour craze

All this year the colour that has really stood out to me has been purple. Every time I see a shade, whether it be violet, lavender or plum, I can't help but take note. These lovely hues have been popping up all over the place and I for one am glad of it.

In honor of this gloriously girly colour I scoured Modcloth for some of my favorite purple finds. Although, I don't recommend wearing them all at the same time.

Do enjoy.x

top5 hollywood ladies whose style I dig

1. Zooey Deschanel

2. Drew Barrymore

3. Kate Winslet

4. Clare Danes

5. Alexis Bledel

Saturday, November 7, 2009

a stylish lush?

Time for a wishlist update, and I have the perfect thing.

This very stylish (and useful?) hip flask, featuring a 1920's flapper girl, is just too adorable. I found this lovely little item over at modcloth (where else!?).

And I strongly believe this was made solely for my purse to hold a nice little nip of gin. If only I could afford to buy it and complete it's life's purpose...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

moab is his washpot

This post is simply because I remembered that Stephen Fry's follow-up autobiography will be out next year and this makes me happy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

forever the fashion guru

I was reading Harper's Bazaar yesterday and was trying to remember how long this prestigious magazine had been in print. My guess was since about the 1920's.

I could not have been more wrong... Harper's Bazaar was first published in 1867 and the first cover looked a little something like this >>

They've come a long way since then. I decided to look up some of their former cover arts and I must say that 'art' is definitely the right way to describe it. Some of the covers are simply beautifully and would look lovely mounted on just about any wall.

I'm sure the magazine has gone through many changes over the years but the one that stands out to me the most (and somewhat puzzles me) would have to be the change in spellings. Why is it that they use to spell Bazaar with only one 'a' and what made them feel the need to add an extra one?

As far as fashion magazines go it's pretty much this (and British Vogue when the mood strikes me). The Bazaar is the perfect magazine to sit back, a cup of caffeine in hand and relax with. Plus I have to admit that I have a thing for the historic at the moment (as proved by my previous Max Factor blog).

I can't imagine many newer magazines these days sticking it out for the long haul the way Harper's has done (except maybe Australia's very own Frankie mag...but that might just be wishful thinking).

Also if you're wondering the issue I was just reading was this one >>

Quite a good issue if you're after a magazine read.


art merch at it's coolest

Andy Warhol, the pop art prince, as much loved today as he ever was in his lifetime. I'm here to tell you that some of the current Warhol style merchandise you can buy is nothing short of fabulous.


STELLA! (lame I know but I couldn't resist)

Miss Stella McCartney's most recent fashion campaign is starring non other then our lovely friends from the forest, Bambi, Thumper and Flower.

Apparently the idea from which stemmed from her love of animals and her beliefs regarding their welfare (as well as her love for the Disney classic itself).

Her current season's designs are glamorous and liberating, animalistic in feel and freeing in nature.

The images, shot by Ryan McGinley, were taken in the woods of Worcestershire, England, the perfect backdrop for Bambi and co to drop by for a round of whose cutest. The animals or the clothes?

I personally love this ad campaign. So many fashion campaigns are harsh and disturbing, making me forget what it is their trying to sell in the first place.

Unlike this which is sweet and transporting making me first notice the images of all of our childhoods but then directly take stock of the gorgeous garments also featured. Fantastic effect. Original and classic all at the same time.

Kudos Stella!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

a legend lost in time

Most of us out there have heard of the makeup brand, Max Factor, "the makeup of makeup artists" blah, blah, blah but how many of us actually realised just how awesomely historic this brand is?

Max Factor was the makeup classic Hollywood stars swore by. Marilyn Munroe used nothing but and the forever lovely Judy Garland lent her image to their advertisements.

Max Factor is said to have coined the term, Make-up. I mean, come on! That's pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

Know what else Max is attributed with?

The invention of both lip gloss and water proof mascara! Why, those are practically the best friends of every makeup toting girl out there!

Why didn't we know these things!? it seems wrong somehow.

Max Factor has slowly been losing popularity since the beginning of the millennium, according to sales figures.

I for one am sad to see this happen. I plan to stick by Max Factor now that I know the truth. I've already checked out their website and am currently planning my next makeup purchase.

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