Sunday, November 21, 2010

da da da vinci

facts about Leonardo da Vinci that make me want to learn more -

number A - All of his journals and notebooks were written backwards and from right to left so that in order to read them you need a mirror... thats just freaking cool. I know, I know that some people do that because of a medical problem where there brain reverses signals and what no but I still find it interesting.

2. He dissected over 30 human corpses in his life despite it being illegal. Now he didn't do this for medical reasons, they weren't autopsies. He just did it because he wanted to learn more about the human body and make his drawings more accurate. I know a lot of you are thinking that this just made him a big creepy freak who liked dead things but chances are you are very wrong due to reasons 3 and 4 (read below).

3. He was a vegetarian before people ever really thought about doing things like that, which I find inspiring.

4. He had an obsession with releasing caged birds. How lovely is that? super annoying, I imagine for people who owned the birds or were selling them at markets or what not, but still a very sweet act of kindness.

5. He was the first to discover that counting the rings on a tree could determine its age.

6. He explained why the sky was blue 300 years before molecular scattering was discovered. Now that is some super smart like stuff.

7. And lastly he was a super talented artist and inventor whose work is still loved and admired by many.

So obviously all these interesting facts add up to the reasoning that I NEED to get me a good da Vinci biography. If anyone has any recommendations let me know. x

Thursday, November 4, 2010

only thing thats missing is the top hat...

I've loved Toddy's sleepwear for some time now (not that I've been able to afford any as of yet). Their onesies have always been the stand out for me and their current tuxedo style is no exception. Plus how can you say no to a functional bum flap? haha
You can find this over at

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