Wednesday, January 27, 2010

not goodbye

I have many current wants (as is my nature) but 3 of them happen to come from the same place so I thought I'd post them here...

and they are -

The first one is a pocket watch and while it's kind of kitsch I just adore it. The second is a pair of vintage shoes that might not even fit me but I like them nonetheless. The last is what I've been looking for. A fire engine red dress in a style I like. Tres cute.

What do you think?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

retro review #3

Another old review. This one's from July 08' and I still listen to this mini album and artist in general ALL the time. So beautiful. Enjoy.x


2008 has been an amazing year for new music so far, with a myriad of bands bringing out near jaw-droopingly good debut releases. From Cajun Dance Party to The Silents to Vampire Weekend I’ve just been continually surprised and delighted.

Another fantastic debut which has just come to my attention is actually a mini album of 8 tracks by an incredible young songwriter by the name of Eugene McGuinness. The album is entitled The Early Learning’s of Eugene McGuinness and is one of the rawest most satisfyingly beautiful collection of songs I’ve heard in a long while.

I hadn’t heard a bar of McGuinness’ work before listening to the record but I was instantly taken with his quirky, addictive and melodic sound. This twenty-something lad from Liverpool has undoubtedly become an instant favourite of mine. Especially with tracks such as the catchy opener ‘High Score’ as well as his first single ‘Monsters Under The Bed’.

Other tracks of note include, ‘Bold Street’, ‘A Child Lost In Tesco’ and ‘A Girl Whom My Eyes Shine For But My Shoes Run From’.

But when it comes down to it I can’t seem to gush enough about the merits of this recording as a whole. The Early Learning’s Of is such a beautiful collection of tracks. McGuinness has a gift for stringing a song together that very few seem to possess.

The Early Learning’s Of is only the beginning though. A first effort. The knowledge of that alone leaves me in a state of frenzied anticipation for what’s to come. If my instincts are working at all then it’s only going to get better from here on in.

Apparently a full length release has just finished being recorded and has a tentative release date of October this year. I for one am dying to hear it. If you’re looking for a new exciting musical obsession then give Eugene McGuinness a listen and get in on the ground floor of what’s bound to be a highly crowded bandwagon.

-Lesley Rickman

Sunday, January 24, 2010

it's alright, it's okay

New She and Him track! So exciting!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!

I very nearly had a heart attack yesterday when I found out that American cosmetics company Urban Decay had teamed up with Disney to create an Alice in Wonderland eyeshadow pallet. It is GORGEOUS!

I know some of you are probably wondering how I didn't know about this sooner but you have to remember that I'm an Australian girl. We don't have Urban Decay over here and much to my dismay the official website doesn't ship internationally. Such a shame. The Urban Decay website is actually sold out of the Alice pallet at them moment anyway. I've already looked it up on ebay and I'm thinking of getting one but they all seem to be about $200-$300 which I really can't afford. It's actually quite ridiculous really considering it was only $52 USD's to begin with...

But I'm going to think it over some more and continue researching because I desperately want this beautiful piece of marvelry. It's just too too wonderful.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

retro review #2

Another old album review. This one is from August 08


The Vines were one of the biggest buzz bands on the planet in 2002 with the release of their phenomenal debut album, Highly Evolved. It seemed there wasn't a teenager in the country who couldn't sing you the chorus of their hit single, ‘Get Free’.

Its been six years, three studio albums, several line-up changes, one medical diagnosis and countless mind altering performances but The Vines are one band that have proved the buzz doesn't always have to be short lived.

Despite any difficulties and negativity the band have suffered over the years, frontman Craig Nicholls is still one of the coolest people in rock for one simple reason. He has the ability to write an 'album'. Some people may see this as a weakness and in some cases it may be. After all what's the point in being able to create 40 plus minutes of aurally pleasing psychosis if the songs don't work as well individually?

Personally that's what I find most appealing about The Vines back catalogue. There's just something incredible about a band who can only really be appreciated in full.

The newest album, Melodia is no exception. As always I became highly skeptical about this release after hearing the first single to be lifted from the album, 'He's a Rocker'. The song just didn't grab me but when it's included within the context of the album as a whole I can't help but like it.

While I still maintain the album should be judged as a whole, If I had to choose stand out tracks then I couldn't go past the brilliant opener 'Get Out' as well as 'Autumn Shade III', 'Orange Amber', 'True as The Night' ' Scream' and 'She Is Gone'.

If you're already a Vines convert then you won't have any issues with new album but if you're new to their sound then Melodia might not be the best place to start but by all means give it a go.

-Lesley Rickman

Thursday, January 14, 2010

love in the form of a shoe

Sportsgirl, thank you so much for your current collection! Some of the pieces are simply gorgeous. The thing i'm most coverting at the moment however, are these AMAZING shoes.

I must own them. I simply must. So beautiful.

retro review #1

I just stumbled across some of my old album reviews I've written over the past few years and it made me nostalgic so I thought I'd start posting them here occasionally. I'm only going to post the ones of albums that I adore so if you haven't heard any of these then be sure to check them out. I promise it will be worth the effort.

This review is from October 2008. enjoy.


Atmospheric, innovative and emotional. Brisbane based, Tom Cooney’s uniquely addictive tunes live and breathe at the heart of all these things.

This young and accomplished folk artist is fast becoming the one to watch in the Oz music scene. After quitting his job and focusing solely on his music career two years ago Cooney has achieved an extraordinary amount. The release of a mini album Hold Me Down, live performances including appearances at Homebake and Splendour in the grass as well as supports slots with the likes of Fionn Regan and M. Ward and the continuing reinvention of self made record label, El Nino El Nino which he shares with two of his closest friends.

But the most substantial and exciting accomplishment is the final release of his debut full length album, Presque Vu. The results of which are near hauntingly beautiful collection of songs which leave the listener certain in the knowledge that by merely listening to these tracks they are becoming part of something bother larger and contradicting more intimate then themselves.

The album is full of honest simplicity. The calmingly serene melodies take hold from the first instance, their appeal frightingly fierce.

The stand out tracks include ‘Mountains In The Sky’, Giulia’, ‘Beneath The Wheel’, ‘The Rivers The Same’ and the memorably spare closer ‘Silence’.

Tom Cooney’s acoustic genius would no doubt appeal to fans of artists such as Fionn Regan, Sondre Lerche, I Am Kloot and Ryan Adams. Presque Vu is an album the likes of which have not necessarily been missing from the Australian scene of late but are definitely leaning towards the rare side. Cooney has managed to debut with a record that not only manages to showcase his abilities as a songwriter in a smart and accessible way but also cements him as someone to watch for. This is only the beginning of what’s sure to be an incredible journey and I for one am looking forward to tagging along for the ride.

- Lesley Rickman

Thursday, January 7, 2010

hold the mayo

Cushions that look like food? Such a grand idea!

I found this lovely item via the frankie mag blog and I am seriously in love. The quirk factor is high and the style is love but alas my wallet is far too light...

If you're interested in checking out more lovely things like this then head on over to -

love and luck to all.

moving on and up

Happy New Year everyone!

May 2010 be full of excuses to crack open a bottle of the good stuff.X

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