Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the holy grail of shoes

Never again will I tell myself I'm too broke to browse my favourite shopping sites. Never again will I avoid the temptations of fashion glory because due to my seemingly sensible thriftiness I have missed out on the most lovely shoes I have ever laid eyes on.

These amazing Andy Warhol inspired pieces of wearable art will haunt me until either the day I acquire a pair or the day I die. Whichever comes first... I'm going to go lick my wounds in private. Please excuse me...

oh and by the way if you're wondering where I found these they're at modcloth.com and they only have 1 pair left at the moment in a 6.5 which is certainty not my size. le sigh


Pages said...

Damns! I hate being broke!!! gaa

Lesley said...

I know! I loves them!

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