Sunday, March 21, 2010

retro review #6

Another retro review. This one is from April 08 and I love this album now so much more then I did when I wrote this... enjoy.x

We Are Scientists - Brain Thrust Mastery

Having released an incredible debut LP with, With Love And Squalor it was always going to be a trial for We Are Scientists to come up with a follow up which could top it.

Since the release of their new album, Brain Thrust Mastery I’ve given up on the idea of them being able to “top it” and resigned myself to the fact that the once distinctive We Are Scientists ‘sound’ is no more.

It’s difficult to say what brought about this change in the two years between releases but the one obvious difference is the loss of drummer, Michael Tapper. The abrupt change in style could be due to his absence or his absence could have been because of the style change. At the moment it’s really just a matter for the chicken vs. egg court.

Despite any initial disappointments I may have felt upon hearing Brain Thrust Mastery I can’t seem to help but be drawn into it’s many charms and favours. Even without the addition of Tapper the boys from Brooklyn have a certain quirky appeal which set them apart from the others.

Remaining members Keith Murray and Chris Cain’s new found appreciation for the 80’s does not go unnoticed with many tracks having a distinctively Duran Duran-esque vibe. Including current single ‘After Hours’, which has managed to stake it’s claim as one of the albums highlights.

Other noteworthy tracks include the addictive opener, ‘Ghouls’ as well as ‘Lets See It’, ‘Impatience’, ‘Spoken For’ and ‘That’s What Counts’.

During an American tour last year Murray and Cain were seen to be taking the stage before each set, testing out their stand-up comedy routine. It’s antics like this which guarantee We Are Scientists remain one of the more interesting bands on the indie scene. Their wit and humour keeping them from fading into obscurity.

If you’re already a WAS fan then by all means check out Brain Thrust Mastery but be sure to keep an open mind. I promise you it won’t be what you expect.



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