Thursday, October 28, 2010

If you don't love bowie then I don't love you

It seems to me that the more you learn about Bowie the less you really seem to know. Clearly one of the most mysterious figures in popular culture. Love him. Love his music. Love his lovely androgynous-ness.

For anyone who loves Bowie but for whatever reason hasn't seen Velvet Goldmine then go away because obviously you're daft. Jokes... but seriously it's a BRILLIANT film based loosely on the enigma that is glam rock Bowie and I feel that everyone should watch it. Even if you think Bowie's a bit rubbish (not that I can understand how that could be but anyhow...moving on).

I'm going to go listen to Space Oddity and have a bit of a cry. Only maybe without the cry.


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