Sunday, November 8, 2009

darn technology!

This blog has nothing to do with anything besides my confusion.

I sent a picture of a cute puppy to my boyfriend. He received the picture but it didn't say it came from my phone. He assumed it was me anyway and replied, then called me making sure I sent it and asking whose phone I used. Confused I said that I used my own. While we were talking he got a text from the same number he replied to asking who he was and why he was talking about sleepy puppies...

So strange... Damn phones! How do these things happen!!??


Pages said...

Omg that's awesome if he was single and Meg Ryan that would make a great cute meet!!

Lesley said...

I know, right! wierd thing is the guy just kept on texting him in a stalker like fashion. Morgan had to come up with an alias so he'd leave him alone!

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