Sunday, November 1, 2009

a legend lost in time

Most of us out there have heard of the makeup brand, Max Factor, "the makeup of makeup artists" blah, blah, blah but how many of us actually realised just how awesomely historic this brand is?

Max Factor was the makeup classic Hollywood stars swore by. Marilyn Munroe used nothing but and the forever lovely Judy Garland lent her image to their advertisements.

Max Factor is said to have coined the term, Make-up. I mean, come on! That's pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

Know what else Max is attributed with?

The invention of both lip gloss and water proof mascara! Why, those are practically the best friends of every makeup toting girl out there!

Why didn't we know these things!? it seems wrong somehow.

Max Factor has slowly been losing popularity since the beginning of the millennium, according to sales figures.

I for one am sad to see this happen. I plan to stick by Max Factor now that I know the truth. I've already checked out their website and am currently planning my next makeup purchase.


Pages said...

Here here. Where'd u even come by this info Belle?

Lesley said...

I was looking up cheap makeup on ebay and noticed that the Max Factor makeup line in America has different stuff then here so I googled it and an image of Judy popped up so of course I had to investigate. haha

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