Sunday, November 15, 2009

time well spent

Sometime last year I brought I book with a gloriously inviting cover. A book that promised adventure.

Sometime this year I actually read it. The book is entitled, C'est La Folie and it is more then I expected.

Michael Wright was a London based theater critic. He spent his weekends flying his vintage plane and playing tennis in between bouts of talking to his cat but something wasn't right. He wasn't where he was meant to be.

So in what might be described as a whim, off he went. To rural France.

C'est La Folie follows the events that took place in Michaels first few years in his new existence and I have rarely been more captivated.

Michael's attempts to integrate himself with not only rural life but rural life in a foreign country are charming. His often problem fraught renovations to his rustic farmhouse and his acquisition of various farm animals make for both heart-wrenching and laugh out loud moments.

C'est La Folie is joyous and personable in a way that makes me happy to be alive.

The next volume of Michael's journey is due out July 2010. Can't wait!


Pages said...

going on the to read list....lend me that would u belle...i'm broke. and ps bring Felicity with you when you visit :D xx

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