Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the many sides of the wolf

I've been quite the Patrick Wolf fan for some years now. I jumped on the bandwagon a bit before the Magic Position days, so I still had a bit of history to catch up on.

I honestly can't think of another young musician who inspires such change and diversity of image and style.

Wolf's career is such that you can almost see him evolve musically from child into man.

The lovely Patrick's physical image is as ever changing as his music, altering from album to album.

When Patty first hit the scene he looked a little something like this >>

He was a sweet faced innocent with pale blonde locks and a violin. though, once you listened to the sometimes sinister often disturbing lyrics of his debut album, Lycanthropy, it became apparent that this boy was only innocent in looks. To be truthful, I wouldn't of had it any other way.

After a short break the boy wonder hit us hard with possibly my favourite of his albums, Wind in the Wires. This time Wolf was sporting dark locks which more than suited the dark and haunting themes of his sophomore release. If you haven't heard the track Tristan then I don't think we can be friends...

When it came time for the release of the third studio album Patrick had changed form yet again, all-be it somewhat more dramatically. The Magic Position was and is Wolf's most optimistic and altogether pop album to date. To show this, his hair once again went under the dye. This time it was a bright glorious red. >>

And when it comes to this years release, The Bachelor, things seem to have come full circle, the blonde has reappeared. The darkness has reappeared but he is by no means repeating himself. The constant changes more then ensure that his music and he himself never appear stale or repetitious.

Patrick Wolf is a true original. Something more than a little hard to find these days. His music is infectious, smart and affecting. Everything that he is and everything that he does is worth it's weight in gold. At least in my over stated slightly dramatic opinion. Mr. Wolf is a legend in the making and I for one am glad I'm strapped in for the ride.


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