Monday, October 26, 2009

i spy with my little credit card

My dress obsession is getting a little out of control these days. I'm honestly not sure how many it is I own now. I'm never at a loss for more that I'd like either.

Thus proved by this fabulous little number (left). It's from a site that I actually discovered through my boyfriends mum.

This site has some pretty lame stuff. Only to be worn if you're over 40 but it also has damn gorgeous threads as well.

And to make it even better a lot of the exceedingly pretty things go on sale quite often.

And I'm not taking lame, 10% off type sales I'm talking like "this jacket was $178.99 down to $40.00. It's insane. Plus this stuff is meant to be great quality too. i.e perfect place to buy staples from - the kind of clothes you're not going to get sick of in 3 months time and will last you for years.

hooray for Internet shopping!


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