Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a little birdy told me

I've found yet another something that I can't have. This time it's not only that I can't afford it but it's that it's out of stock.

I came across this in my regular trawling of Modcloth (I actually do think I am addicted).

It's a beautiful Jewellery stand. Simply beautiful. Everything about it makes me want to sing.

The design is just lovely. I believe I'd like it even without the two little birds but they just make it even better.

Why must I be so consumeristic in nature!?

If anyone out there owns a lovely jewellery stand, feel free to post a picture. I'd love to see them.


Pages said...

OMG I saw this and showed mum and she said it was ugly BLAH to her, solidarity sister!!

Pages said...

PS you sound like the a chick on the home shopping network...

Lesley said...

that hurts erin.

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