Sunday, October 4, 2009

simply too too laugh-making

I'm currently reading the gorgeous 1930 novel, Vile Bodies by the old genius of a boy, Evelyn Waugh.

I feel it's not too soon to admit to this already being one of my favorite books of all time. Just lovely in every way.

I'd already seen the hilarious 2003 film adaptation by my hero, Stephen Fry but I actually think I like the book even more.

So rich with wit and humor. so full of characters that one would love to share a bottle (or 40) of fizz with.

My perfect little paperback edition of this novel literally fills me with joy every time I glance it's way.

That's it's sweet little cover right over there (left).

When this book was written I imagine it was non to popular with the well behaved masses.

This charming volume is filled with every kind of debauchery you could partake of during the 20's, 30's and 40's.

- Drugs, alcohol, sex. Not to mention females wearing trousers! Simply too too shy-making.

Vile Bodies is the kind of novel that at once consumes you. Takes over all but your simplest of faculties. I want to be Agatha Runcible. I want to be friends with Adam Fenwick-Symes. I want to have adventures with Miles Malpractice. I want to be one of the Bright Young People who so corrupt 'modern' society.

Everything about this story is decadence, and in being so makes the perfect escapist volume I've ever had the joy of coming across. I'd recommend this to just about any literary creature out there. Do not, please, be put off by the fact that it was written way back when. I promise it's as fresh today as it ever was. Maybe even more so in our days of corruption(oh my!).

Also... I'd just like to quickly leave off with the fact that I'd quite adore an original 1930 edition (right). Does not have to be a first edition. I just adore the cover art. If anyone finds one I'd be happy to hear about it...

cheers and cherries!


Pages said...

Well i'm sold. I love reading your work, I never get bored halfway through, I've noticed with a lot of writers they either have a good story to tell or they can write well but not both. Not you my friend and hey if you can keep my attention you must be amazing xox

Lesley said...

I love you! and not just when you're complementing me!

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